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Il Ciliegio: Embodying the Exquisite Food and Wine Culture of Tuscany

Sunshine, fine wine, and gourmet food

When one hears mention of Tuscany, Italy, many wonderful images and feelings rush to mind: scenic fields painted golden by warm sunlight; the sound of bells ringing from high up in the towers of historic churches; row after row of majestic olive trees growing alongside rolling vineyards. Located in central Italy, the Tuscan region has no shortage of historical and cultural significance, either. The region includes the capital city “Firenze” (Florence), whose scenic beauty served as the muse of Chinese poet Xu Zhimo, as well as a World Heritage Site in the city of Siena. Tuscany is home to a fresh, natural, cuisine known throughout the globe, and – most importantly – rich, delicious, cherry-flavored Sangiovese wine.

The grounds of Il Ciliegio are located in Colli Senesi, within the famous Chianti Colli Senesi DOCG production region and only 10 miles from historic Siena. The estate totals 100 hectares of land, including 50 hectares of vineyard land and 15 hectares dedicated to the cultivation of olive trees.

During the rule of the Roman Empire, the Chianti region served as a powerful agricultural center; later, during the Cultural Revolution, the House of Medici led sweeping changes that advanced the region’s arts, culture, and wine landscape. In 1984, the Chianti region received its DOCG (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita) designation, Italy’s highest badge of quality that is given only to the country’s top wine production regions.

Keeping it in the family for nearly 70 years

Il Ciliegio: Embodying the Exquisite Food and Wine Culture of Tuscany

Il Ciliegio was founded in 1952 when patriarch Mario made the move south from Veneto to Tuscany, bringing with him his four children and a traditional style of winemaking developed in his hometown of Colli Euganei. In the nearly seven decades since, the family has worked their land with passion and enthusiasm, dedicating themselves to the production of wine of the highest quality, the preservation of the estate’s breathtaking grounds, the cultivation of olive trees, and the production of premium olive oils, forming and maintaining a pristine reputation in the process.

Il Ciliegio: Embodying the Exquisite Food and Wine Culture of Tuscany

As the 1980s came to a close, Il Ciliegio strengthened its focus on grape cultivation and vineyard management, investing even more energy and effort in its winemaking process by adopting modern techniques, renovating its wine cellars, improving the quality of its wine, and revamping the marketing of its brand. In 2008, Il Ciliegio opened a cafeteria on its grounds and welcomed a new wave of agricultural and wine tourism, attracting guests with its natural beauty, gourmet foods, and fine wines.

Environmental protection, with a passion

Il Ciliegio is a strong advocate for environmental protection. Since 2009, the estate has generated all of its own electricity (via solar panels), all of its own hot water (by burning biomass), and has sent its production waste to an energy company for reuse. The renewable energy infrastructure employed by Il Ciliegio reduces its carbon dioxide emissions by 13 tons annually.

Every step of the way, from vineyard management and crop growth to winemaking, from reducing energy consumption to biodiversity, Il Ciliegio conveys its passion and love for this land to the world through its gourmet foods and fine wines. Today, the family-run business includes the following players:

  • Severino (the “Boss”): cultivates the land; manages the overall estate
  • Marco & Veronica: receive guests and visitors; manage the cafeteria
  • Simone: runs the wine cellar; bottles the wine
  • Luca: manages all things business and marketing

With Il Ciliegio on the verge of entry into the Chinese market, you’ll soon be able to enjoy an authentic Tuscan experience right at your own table. Rich in flavor and balanced for drinkability, its Chianti wine packs some of that lovely Tuscan sunlight into each and every bottle.

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