Blind Tasting Tip: The Japanese Furoshiki Wrapping Method

If you have wrapped wine bottles before, you are probably aware of how complex and sometimes messy the process can be. First of all, you would need enough paper (either tissue paper or wrapping paper) to cover the entire shape of the bottle. Then you need to tie it closed with a ribbon on top, or even tape—in which the result is not that elegant-looking. And what do you do with the wrapping paper afterwards? You just throw it away, which is wasteful. All that hard work for nothing. 

Here is a better way to wrap your wine bottles, whether to present as gifts or even to just hide the bottles for blind tasting: the Japanese Furoshiki method.

Furoshiki is a combination of two Japanese words “furo” = “bath”, and “shiki” = “to spread”. It derives from the Edo, or Tokugawa, period practice where people bundled their clothes while at public bathhouses (or public furo) as to not confuse their belongings with someone else’s. The practice was later used for transporting wares and decorating gifts. 

Simple, Elegant and Eco-Friendly

Blind Tasting Tip: The Japanese Furoshiki Wrapping Method

You can definitely use this simple and eco-friendly method to wrap your wine bottles, and make them look more elegant and presentable. 

The Furoshiki method is perfect for blind tasting, because first, the bottle is the one covered so the taster has no need to be blindfolded. Another reason is that, because of the way the Furoshiki cloth is wrapped around the bottle, the top can be opened and closed easily without ruining the wrapping.

The Furoshiki method is more eco-friendly than other traditional methods because instead of using disposable tissue wrapping paper that can be ripped and ruined easily, all you need is one Furoshiki cloth. Modern Furoshiki cloth can be made out of a variety of materials, including silk, cotton, and nylon. They are also often decorated with beautiful and traditional designs. Best of all, the cloth is reusable.

Since all you need is the one Furoshiki cloth to achieve the wrapping technique, it therefore makes for a more elegant style. No more crinkly and unevenly-cut paper held together by sloppy tape or ribbons. Even better, the Furoshiki method allows for a nice and durable handle on top in able to easily hold the bottle! And as mentioned earlier, the top can be simply opened and closed again without ruining the wrapping. 

Overall, the Japanese Furoshiki method is the perfect alternative to any other traditional way of wrapping bottles, not only because of its easy and simple technique, but also its eco-friendly material and elegant design.

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