Chicken With Black Truffle

Wine pairing notes

Tannic and powerful, this wine has the power of boosting the black truffle aroma like no others. At the same time being a very smooth and easy-to-drink wine ideal to match with chicken meat.


  • 350g chicken
  • 5g black truffle slices
  • 10g flour
  • 5g black truffle paste
  • 10g minced ginger
  • 6g soy sauce


  1. Mix the chicken with the soy sauce, flour, and a pinch of salt. Set aside.
  2. Heat some oil in a non-stick pan and add the minced ginger and the chicken. Cook until the chicken is golden brown.
  3. Add the black truffle paste and stir fry until fragrant. Top with the black truffle slices and serve.


Montefalco Riserva Rosso

Rosso di Montefalco Riserva DOC
Arnaldo Caprai

DescriptionMontefalco Rosso Riserva DOC is the result of long and in-depth studies carried out by Arnaldo Caprai in both the agronomic and oenological fields to obtain high-quality wines. A blend of Sangiovese, Sagrantino, and Merlot which is left to mature for about 20 months in barrel followed by a long aging in bottle. The Montefalco Rosso Riserva DOC of Arnaldo Caprai is a deeply territorial red wine, fine and long-lived, of absolute thickness. A great Montefalco Rosso.
Grape70% Sangiovese, 15% Sagrantino, 15% Merlot
ColourDeep ruby red
AromaWild cherry preserved in spirits, chocolate, vanilla, violets, and exotic spices
TasteFull-bodied and round, perfectly balanced with velvety tannins
Aging20 months in oak barrels, 6 months in bottle


Arnaldo Caprai

In 1971 Arnaldo Caprai, a successful textile businessman, bought the Val di Maggio estate to fulfill his dream of producing his own wine. He started off with only five hectares. As time went by he believed more and more in the great potential of the local varieties and most of all in Sagrantino. In 1988 his son Marco Caprai started managing the winery and with his passion and determination gave the necessary impetus to the production of top quality wines. Since 1991 huge investments are driven into the acquisition of new vineyards, scientific research, and technological innovation.

An original Wine & Food pairing from

Chinese Cuisines Meet Italian Wines

The guide Zhong Can Yi Jiu and the program Chinese cuisines meet Italian wines are promoted by the Italian Wine Bank, a branch of the project MELIUS, both produced by The I Factor Limited. The guide is realized in collaboration with the Chinese Culinary Institute of the Vocational Training in Hong Kong, the Club China AIS (Associazione Italiana Sommelier) and the Italian Wines World Summit.

This guide is an unprecedented attempt to marry two great gastronomic cultures and artisanal producers: Chinese cuisines and Italian wines. This guide is the first of many steps in a grand project that will be fully realized over the next few years. Our mission is to give interpretive tools to the consumer as well as provide a point of reference for the Italian wine industry, as well as for contemporary Chinese chefs and restaurateurs operating in China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore and worldwide.

Discover this original Wine & Food pairing on Chinese Cuisines Meet Italian Wines.

Chef Gu Zhihui

Gu Zhihui is the executive chef of Beijing Kitchen. Prior to cooperating with the chairman of Hualian Group to open Beijing Kitchen, Gu Zhihui worked for Ritz-Carlton for 11 years, including four years as executive chef of the Chinese restaurant at Ritz-Carlton Osaka and seven years as an executive Chinese chef at Ritz-Carlton Beijing. He also worked at the famous Cantonese restaurant Lee Garden for 14 years, cementing his passion for Cantonese cuisine. He also incorporates Japanese elements he learned during his time in Osaka into his cooking, creating a unique interpretation of Cantonese cuisine.

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